At the December 8th Council meeting, the Sunnyvale City Council will consider, provide comments on, and (hopefully!) approve the Mobilehome Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) work item scope of work. Sunnyvale’s MOU process will bring together mobilehome park owners and residents to discuss and propose the creation of MOUs that are intended to provide stability and fairness in future increases to mobilehome space rents. These types of MOUs aim to assist both owners and residents, especially helping mobilehome residents stay in their homes for the long term and avoid displacement.

SV@Home supports the City of Sunnyvale’s work on this issue and the swift adoption of the scope of work will allow the MOU process to proceed. We plan to closely track the progress of this initiative to assess its effectiveness in providing assistance to vulnerable mobilehome park residents at risk of displacement.



December 8th - January 1st 1970
6:00PM - 12:00AM
Zoom Online Meeting