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This event will be held in the C-Commons at Independence High School (1776 Educational Park Drive, San Jose 9513). The entrance is facing the clock tower on this map; to find the room, follow the path between the E building and the theater then between C and D commons. Parking is available in the lot off of Jackson Avenue (in front of the theater, on the south side of the stadium next to VCA Crocker Animal Hospital). 

What would the future of Silicon Valley be without teachers?

We have all seen the housing crisis’ impacts on Silicon Valley’s workforce. From the “Help Wanted” signs that have become a permanent fixture on many storefronts and restaurant windows, to the stories of NASA engineers living out of their cars, we are constantly reminded of Silicon Valley’s shortage of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income workers. This issue poses a major threat to the vitality and prosperity of our region.

Among those deeply impacted by the crisis are employees of the education sector — not just educators in our K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions, but also administators and support staff of that keep our educational institutions running. These workers are essential to our communities; they are pillars of our public education system, as well as our friends, family members, and neighbors. But in the San Jose metro area where the median income for teachers is approximately $75,000, only 2.04 percent of all home listings are affordable on a teacher’s salary. How do we ensure that our educators can stay in Silicon Valley, and that new educators aren’t priced out of our communities?

Local school districts, developers, and many other stakeholders have been working to develop solutions to tackle these difficult questions. Join SV@Home for a forum with Bay Area leaders who are driving these solutions forward.

Forum Handouts
August 30th
11:30AM - 1:00PM
Independence High School