What would you do if you discovered that your application for a mortgage or a rental unit was rejected—and you suspected it was due to discrimination? Existing remedies would require that you prove the housing provider was illegally discriminating against you.  But what do you do when it’s not a person making that decision—it’s an algorithm?

Next Thursday, September 14th, 12-1pm PT / 3-4pm ET, TechEquity Collaborative and the National Fair Housing Alliance are exploring this new age of housing and data. Join us to learn how we can shape housing tech to strengthen personal privacy and civil rights and enact the policies we need to protect renters and homeowners alike.

The webinar will be moderated by Snigdha Sharma, Senior Tech Equity Analyst at the National Fair Housing Alliance. Panelists include:

  • Samantha Gordon, Chief Programs Officer at TechEquity Collaborative
  • Christopher Lee, Principal Privacy Engineer at MITRE
  • Michele E. Gilman, Venable Professor of Law and Associate Dean of Faculty Research & Development Director, Saul Ewing Civil Advocacy Clinic, Co-Director, Center on Applied Feminism
  • Prashant Sharma, Co-founder and CTO of Secuvy
September 14th
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Online Event