Join Terner Center & Labs and National League of Cities for the 2024 Housing Supply Innovation Symposium.

This event features the current cohort of housing affordability innovators at Terner Housing Lab in conversation with local and national leaders, experts, and investors. This year’s topic is Human Centered Approaches to Building and Accessing Housing. Participants will investigate holistic approaches to housing supply that consider history, sustainability, and, most importantly, respond to the needs of the residents we aim to house.

Honoring History: Acknowledge and address historical discrimination in housing as communities pave the way for a more inclusive tomorrow. Learn how lessons from the past can inform present and future housing initiatives that bridge gaps and promote equality.

Sustainable Foundations: Explore innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for housing while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Human-Centered Housing: Centering the human experience, participants will delve into creative ways to increase individual access to housing. From community initiatives to personalized solutions, discover how communities can make every house a home.

January 23rd
10:00AM - 11:00AM
Online Event