The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to freeze evictions County-wide during our current public health crisis. This decision comes close on the heels of similar actions taken by San José last week and Palo Alto yesterday. The County-wide moratorium applies to all incorporated and unincorporated parts of Santa Clara County.

The eviction freeze is a critical, short-term action intended to protect the most vulnerable members of our community who are directly impacted by the crisis and who, as a result, are struggling to pay rent. More details about the moratorium are available here.

We know that this public health crisis is also impacting homeowners, landlords, and tenants. In addition to immediate measures like a moratorium on evictions, we must also address medium and long-term concerns, including ensuring that homeowners and landlords are able to avoid foreclosure. And we need to ensure that once the eviction moratorium is lifted, tenants have the ability to pay back rent.

Want to learn more about what the eviction freeze actually means for you and other community members?

Join us this Friday for a special three session, Housing Action Coalition presentation on Facebook, featuring the expertise of the Law Foundation Silicon Valley, who will be there to provide an explanation of these latest measures in English at Noon, Spanish at 2PM, and Vietnamese at 4PM.

There will also be an opportunity to have some of your questions answered by our experts in the comments section!

March 27th
12:00PM - 4:00PM
SV@Home Facebook Page Live