Mountain View undertook a Visioning and Guiding Principles Plan for this area on both sides of Terra Bella Avenue, bounded by: Highway 101 on the north; the Whisman Sports Center on the west; Middlefield Road/Moonbeam Drive/an eastward extension of the Moonbeam Drive axis on the south; and Highway 85 on the east.  The area is characterized by low density non-residential uses and offers the opportunity to create a higher-density, mixed-use neighborhood that could accommodate a significant number of housing units.

The Visioning process began in June of 2018 with a workshop to engage a cross section of community members, and concluded in 2019 after several additional workshops and study sessions with the City Council. The Council ultimately determined that Terra Bella was not a high enough priority for pursuing a full Precise Plan and deferred further consideration of the topic to a later date. In the meantime, proposals for redevelopment in the area can still come forward through the City’s Gatekeeper Process.