This proposed specific plan in Santa Clara is for a 76-acre industrial park neighborhood bounded by the Mission College campus to the south, Calabazas Creek to the west, the Levi’s Stadium Blue Parking Lot to the north, and Great America Parkway to the east.

The draft EIR, which will be available for public review in October 2020, will evaluate two alternative development scenarios:

Residential Office Other Non-Residential Uses
12,000 Units 310,000 sq. ft.
10,300 Units 785,000 sq. ft. 310,000 sq. ft.


The maximum residential density is 200 units per acre, with residential buildings being up to 25 stories high.

The “Other Non-Residential Uses” category includes retail commercial and community amenities, including the potential for a new school and library.  Additionally, there will be requirement for significant amounts of open space, of which up to 50% could be private.

As of the date of preparing this webpage, no determination has been reached on inclusionary housing requirements and/or the overall percentage of new units that will be affordable.  It is SV@Home’s policy to recommend that Specific Plans require a minimum of 15% of units be affordable to households at or below 80% of area median income and an additional 5% of units be affordable to household at 100% of area median income.

The project schedule targets January 2021 for presentation of the Final EIR and Final Draft Plan to the City Council for adoption.