Moffett Park in Sunnyvale is currently dominated by office parks and parking lots, but the City of Sunnyvale is planning on transforming the area into an Eco-Innovation District that integrates housing, neighborhood-serving retail, new jobs, ecological improvements, and open space, all along transit lines, through the Moffett Park Specific Plan.

In May 2021, the Sunnyvale City Council approved the study of up to 20,000 new homes at Moffett Park. SV@Home was supportive of Planning Commission and City Staff’s recommendation to study at least 18,500 or more new homes depending on maximum feasibility.

SV@Home believes Moffett Park is an exciting opportunity to provide the City with more options in the future to consider additional housing capacity. we have also provided several recommendations to City Council, including asking the City to consider an overall affordable housing goal of 20% of all units by providing density and height concessions; exploring a Jobs-Housing Linkage program to ensure that new housing development proceeds at a similar pace to new office development; and exploring an Ecological Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program that would allow the city to provide density and height incentives in exchange for landowners returning and/or restoring sensitive habitats or other ecological resources.

City Staff is now engaged in the critical study period for this housing-rich vision. Future study sessions were expected to begin in late 2021 but have been delayed into 2022 and will cover affordable housing, density and form, community benefits, and more. SV@Home looks forward to continuing to support Sunnyvale’s Eco-Innovation District Vision and advocating for affordable housing in Moffett Park.  

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