On November 13, 2018, the Santa Clara City Council adopted a Specific Plan for Tasman East Focus Area, which covers a 45-acre area bounded by Tasman Drive, Lafayette Street, the Santa Clara golf course, and the Guadalupe River.  The Plan envisions the gradual redevelopment of the area from an existing industrial park neighborhood to a high-density, walkable, transit- and trail-oriented urban neighborhood of up to 4,500 dwelling units.  The Plan envisions a variety of housing types as well as retail and active uses within a vibrant urban neighborhood.

Development will build on the site’s rich transit connections to both regional heavy-rail and local light-rail. Light-rail will be within a five-minute walk of every front door. Connections to the Guadalupe River Trail, a recreational and commuter path for bikers and pedestrians, will carry residents through Santa Clara’s unique geography of rivers and creeks south to Downtown San Jose and beyond.

The Plan requires that every residential development include an affordable housing component.  Affordability is set at 100% of area median income.  If project approval occurs before 2021, at least 10% of the units must comply with this requirement.  If project approval occurs in 2021 or thereafter, the requirement increases to 15%.

Densities will vary by parcel size.  Each parcel of one acre or more in size is required to accommodate a minimum density of 100 dwelling units per acre. Each parcel of less than one acre in size is required to achieve a minimum density of 60 dwelling units per acre. There are no density maximums for individual parcels.

For further information on the Plan as well as approved and proposed developments, visit the Tasman East page on the Santa Clara Community Development Department’s website.