In 2017, the California legislature heard our demands for new public financing of affordable housing and took action.

A result of these efforts was Senate Bill (SB) 3, which placed the $4 billion Veterans & Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 on the November ballot.

Now the campaign to pass the Veterans & Affordable Act of 2018 has joined forces with the No Place Like Home initiative to become the YES on Prop 1 & Prop 2 campaign.

Together, they represent a significant investment in the future of our state and the well-being of our fellow citizens.

Proposition 1 would provide $4 billion to create homes for veterans, seniors, and families who work for a living.

Proposition 2 would provide $2 billion to create permanent, supportive housing for the mentally ill and those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

That’s $6 billion dedicated toward alleviating California’s twin crises of housing and homelessness.

Join the campaign to pass Prop 1 and Prop 2.

Say YES to Affordable Housing Now