February 15, 2024

$10-20 Billion Regional Affordable Housing Bond Gaining Steam


At SV@Home, we are very excited about how much good $10 to $20 billion could do to address our Bay Area housing needs with up to $4.5B of that coming directly to Silicon Valley. Last year, we started talking seriously about the possibility of a housing bond measure in all nine Bay Area counties to do just that. We convened local elected officials and community organizations to discuss it, and this year, the official governing bodies that will make the final decision to place such a measure on the ballot are moving forward.

The latest steps were important votes in late January and this current week by two bodies to recommend approval of the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) Business Plan, BAHFA’s Expenditure Plan, and the resolution to place the measure on the Nov. 5th ballot:
Jan. 25: BAHFA Advisory Committee
Yesterday, Feb. 14: Joint Housing Committees (ABAG Housing Committee & BAHFA Oversight Committee)

Here are the major remaining hearings and votes before the measure is finalized:
April 18: ABAG Executive Board approval
May 22: BAHFA Board discussion
June 26: BAHFA Board approval

To learn more and endorse the effort to put this measure on the ballot, please visit