December 14, 2023

A message from Regina Celestin Williams


A message from our Executive Director, Regina Celestin Williams:

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to appreciate our community, whether we were born into it or chosen by it, and reflect on the joy and love that we feel. At SV@Home, we have a lot to appreciate and celebrate this year! Last week, we came together at our Happy Housers Holiday Party alongside our members and partners to express our love and appreciation for each other.

As you may know, our Holiday Party is one of the biggest housing events of the year here in Silicon Valley. It is a chance to come together, form new connections, and celebrate the success of our movement this past year.

In case you missed it, here is a quick rundown: Alison Cingolani, our Policy Manager, shared about the work our members and our team did together around Measure E in San Jose, maintaining a dedicated source of local funding for investment in permanent affordable housing. I am grateful to work with this affordable housing community, which came together and stood strong in our goal of providing sustainable and comprehensive affordable housing solutions. Building upon our original success in passing Measure E, we protected the investments so that we can protect the people living here in Santa Clara County.  

I myself grew up in affordable housing in the Bay Area. I understand the invaluable asset that affordable housing is in our community, providing homes and stability for the low-income people and families that live, work, and are rooted in this high-cost region. And, I have worked locally for a nonprofit affordable housing developer where I learned firsthand about the extensive need for more stable, affordable housing here and now and about the tools available to meet this need. Measure E funds are one of these tools.

Our campaign to protect Measure E was a perfect example of what we can accomplish when we unite our collective power for the good of our neighbors, friends, and families. As we look to the year ahead, I am reflecting upon how we cannot do this work without our members. That is why I am writing to ask that you renew your membership — or perhaps consider becoming a member for the first time.


If you have questions, feel free to write back — I would love to start a conversation about membership and how we can deepen our work together. Thank you and be well.

In Solidarity,
Regina Celestin Williams
Executive Director