September 27, 2022

Action Alert: Tell MTC to Pass Transit-Oriented Communities Policy


Tell MTC to Pass Transit-Oriented Communities Policy Today!

Calling All Housing Advocates,


Your voice is urgently needed to create more affordable housing opportunities in your Silicon Valley community and the greater Bay Area. Urge the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to pass the historic Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) policy ahead of this Wednesday morning’s Commission meeting on September 28th.


Our regional coalition has made it easy and quick. Follow the link provided by our partners at TransForm here to SEND A MESSAGE TODAY to the MTC commissioners that the TOC policy is essential in creating more equitable, affordable and livable communities in the Bay Area.


A click to the link above gives you the opportunity to directly tell the commissioners that the TOC Policy will set the following key guidelines for development within one-half mile of our transit stations:  

  • Require cities implement affordable housing production, preservation, and protection policies;
  • Encourage compact, walkable communities near transit stations, by setting minimum density requirements for new development;
  • Prioritize pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders over drivers, by setting parking maximums for new residential and commercial development; and
  • Mandate cities study how they can improve connectivity to transit stations for people on foot and wheels.

ACT NOW! Your advocacy for affordable housing, transportation justice, and environmental sustainability will join a chorus of fellow Housers who believe that the TOC Policy will transform the Bay Area and encourage the rest of the country to develop dense, inclusive housing that supports transit, walking, and rolling near our transit stations. Send an email to MTC commissioners by clicking the button here:

Deepen Your Advocacy


This is for the Houser nerds out there that may have some time for an optional, “extra credit” advocacy work to deepen your message and make a public testimony to the MTC commissioners. Take a look at TransForm’s blog post on the TOC Policy for more context and to find out what our regional coalition is pushing for to further strengthen the TOC Policy. The MTC’s meeting time, agenda and virtual access links are provided here, along with the staff report documents, including the TOC Policy itself, here.


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