SV@Home is excited to convene our regional housing partners throughout Santa Clara County in celebrating a virtual Affordable Housing Month 2020! Full of virtual events, activities for all ages, and invigorating conversations, AHM 2020 brings our community together to learn, engage, and act on how we can work to make Silicon Valley a more affordable place to live for all of our residents.

Did you miss out on an Affordable Housing Month 2020 event?

Never fear! Going virtual has allowed us to record many of our events and partner events for you to view at your convenience. Check out some of these great events below:

Week 1

5/5/2020: Artist Draw-Along with Arely Cardenas (Hosted by SV@Home)

LIVE on FB: local artist Arely Cardenas in the Affordable Housing Month Draw-Along with her original art piece interpreting “Home.” This is part of our Draw-Along series happening every Tuesday at noon in the month of May!

5/7/2020: California’s Housing Crisis – A Conversation with Author Conor Dougherty (Hosted by TechEquity Collaborative)

In Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America, author Connor Dougherty shares the vast history of California’s housing policies and how those policies have created an uncertain and unaffordable future for many Californians.

5/7/2020: Empower Homebuyers Santa Clara County Webinar (Hosted by The Housing Trust Silicon Valley)

The Empower Homebuyers SCC program provides down payment assistance loans to first-time homebuyers. Funded by the 2016 Measure A Affordable Housing Bond, the program will assist low to moderate income households. Learn more here!

5/7/2020: San Jose Jazz: Live From Home with Amy D. (Hosted by San Jose Jazz)

Everyone deserves access to a safe, stable, and affordable home. With her gorgeous, soulful voice giving life to inspiring lyrics, Amy D.’s music invites reflection, healing, and growth. Support both a local artist and housing access by tuning in!

5/8/2020: Intro to TechEquity Webinar (Hosted by TechEquity Collaborative)

An introduction to TechEquity: how we got into the housing affordability crisis and what’s happening in the housing + workforce worlds to combat it. For those new to TechEquity, this is a great primer to help you get plugged in quickly.

Week 2

5/12/2020: Artist Draw-Along with Harumo Sato (Hosted by SV@Home)

LIVE on FB: local artist Harumo Sato in the Affordable Housing Month Draw-Along with her original art piece interpreting “Home.” This is part of our Draw-Along series happening every Tuesday at noon in the month of May!

5/13/2020: New Ideas for Constructing Affordable Homes, Including the Missing Middle (Hosted by Palo Alto Forward)

This workshop explores new and creative ways to create the diversity of housing stock needed for all our community members at every income level through shared equity, public land, and successful large scale market rate development.

5/14/2020: Advancing the 3 Ps through the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (Hosted by NPH of Northern California)

Learn about the opportunities BAHFA presents to provide the 9-county Bay Area with robust regional housing infrastructure and potential state, federal, corporate, and philanthropic resources to deliver the “3 Ps” of production, protection, and preservation.

5/14/2020: Building Equitable and Climate Resilient Communities (Hosted by Greenbelt Alliance and Livable Sunnyvale)

What do housing and environmental justice have to do with public health? How do we work towards a community that is resilient ecologically, socially, and economically? Join us and experts from around the region as we tackle these questions together.

5/14/2020: What the General Plan Review Means for Housing (Hosted by SPUR)

San Jose’s general plan review task force is wrapping up its work on recommendations to send to the city council this fall. Learn about the review and whether the city will meet the challenge of the region’s housing shortage and affordability crisis.

5/15/2020: A Conversation about housing, homelessness, & COVID-19 with Jason Elliott and Kate Gordon (Hosted by CA YIMBY)

A conversation about housing, homelessness, & COVID-19 with Jason Elliott, Senior Counselor to California Governor Gavin Newsom for Housing & Homelessness and Kate Gordon, Director of The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.

Week 3

5/19/2020: Artist Draw-Along with Lila Gemellos (Hosted by SV@Home)

LIVE on FB: local artist Lila Gemellos in the Affordable Housing Month Draw-Along with her original art piece interpreting “Home.” This is part of our Draw-Along series happening every Tuesday at noon in the month of May!

5/19/2020: Landlords and the Eviction Moratorium (Hosted by Project Sentinel & City of Milpitas)

Learn about how the Santa Clara County eviction moratorium can impact local landlords. Project Sentinel will discuss specific actions landlords can and can’t take during this period. This event is beneficial for both landlords and tenants.

5/19/2020: Much Ado About ADUs: Part 2 (Hosted by Palo Alto Forward)

Join Palo Alto Forward’s 4th annual ADU Workshop where a panel of renowned experts will be at hand to share their ADU stories and experience. We will walk you through financing and prefab options and share successes and pitfalls to avoid.

5/20/2020: Councilmember Pam Foley’s ADU Workshop (Hosted by Councilmember Pam Foley, San Jose Council District 9)

Sometimes known as backyard homes/cottages, granny units, or casitas, ADUs are a great investment for a whole variety of individuals and families. Learn about regulations and best practices on how to get started with building your own ADU.

5/20/2020: A Win-Win: Using Faith-Based Surplus Lands for Affordable Housing (Hosted by SV@Home)

This webinar provides an overview of how faith-based organizations can develop underutilized real estate assets into affordable homes and other facilities and services such as community-based health clinics, HeadStart programs, child day care and more.

5/21/2020: How will the COVID-19 crisis impact our ability to finance and build new homes? (Hosted by CA YIMBY)

The housing crisis was already a challenge before COVID-19; come and learn from top experts from around the state for a discussion on the future of affordable housing, housing finance, and related state housing legislation.

5/21/2020: What Happens When You Eliminate Parking (Hosted by SPUR)

Multiple cities around the Bay Area have eliminated parking minimums for new development projects. Join panelists to hear what cities learned in the process and what are the resulting impacts, both positive and negative, they’re experiencing.

5/21/2020: At the Intersection: Affordable Housing and the Census (Hosted by SV@Home)

The 2020 Census is a big deal. It helps determine federal funding allocation local jurisdictions will receive for a variety of resources and services that benefit vulnerable communities. This includes funding for school programs, public safety and emergency response, health care, and affordable housing. Census-derived data determines a variety of local housing needs. This webinar delves into the importance of the Census and its implications for affordable housing and homelessness funding at the local level.

5/21/2020: Our City Storytime with Jacky Morales-Ferrand (Hosted by San Jose Public Library)

Come join the San José Public Library for Our City Storytime! Read by Jacky Morales-Ferrand, Director of Housing for the City of San José, this episode’s books will relate to themes of home and neighborhoods.

5/21/2020: Providing Emergency Home Repairs During COVID-19 (Hosted by Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley & City of Milpitas)

Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley joins the Milpitas Housing team to discuss their mission and how they have been providing emergency repairs, specifically for those impacted by the coronavirus.

5/21/2020: The Present & Future of Affordable Housing Funding (Hosted by Catalyze SV)

We need more affordable housing projects both small & large, but how do we pay for them? Join experts who currently get funding for affordable housing projects, as well as advocates devising new ways, for a lively roundtable discussion.

5/22/2020: Home Should Be a Safe Place For All: Affordable Housing & Domestic Violence (Hosted by Next Door Solutions)

Affordable housing is critical to addressing domestic violence and supporting survivors, especially during this health and economic crisis. Speakers cover strategies for providing housing to survivors, current partnerships, systems gaps, and how housing advocates can get involved.

Week 4

5/25/2020: Addressing the Housing Crisis During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Hosted by Eden Housing)

Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-24) speaks about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on affordable housing, and that the crises we’re already facing, including the housing crisis, homelessness crisis, and climate change, have not disappeared.

5/26/2020: Housing Production and Affordability with Evan Mast (Hosted  by CA YIMBY)

Bad policy created California’s housing crisis. How can we fix the housing market and make housing affordable for everyone? Featuring Evan Mast, Applied Economist and housing researcher with the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

5/27/2020: SFHAC’s 2020 Spring Symposium: What Urbanism Looks Like Now (Hosted by SFHAC)

Featuring a conversation between Rich Hillis, Planning Director for the City and County of San Francisco and Jeffrey Tumlin, San Francisco’s Director of Transportation, moderated by SPUR’s Community Planning Policy Director Kristy Wang.

5/27/2020: Housing and Health: Scott Wiener talks Density, Disease Prevention, and Economic Security (Hosted by YIMBY Action)

State Senator Scott Wiener shares how housing density and overcrowding contribute to community transmission, and how we can future-proof our cities to both flatten the curve and improve equity.

5/28/2020: Our City Storytime with Librarian Ms. Bridget (Hosted by San Jose Public Library)

We love all the different people who make our community AMAZING! Join San José Librarian Ms. Bridget all about the things that make our city special.

5/28/2020: Keeping the Doors Open, SCC’s House Sharing Program with Roomily (Hosted by Catholic Charities SCC)

Learn how house sharing can help alleviate the rental housing shortage and create new sources of income. Catholic Charities House Sharing Program team shares information on the County’s free program with Roomily, a new online home sharing service.

5/28/2020: What It Will Take to Reopen Cities, with Richard Florida (Hosted by SPUR)

Is the coronavirus the downfall of density, or can cities around the world remain bastions of urbanism in the face of the disease? Join renowned urbanist Richard Florida for a discussion about the fraught connection between the pandemic and cities and what we can expect in the coming months and years.