May 11, 2021

Affordable Housing Month 2021: Event Recordings


SV@Home is excited to convene our regional housing partners throughout Santa Clara County in celebrating a virtual Affordable Housing Month 2021! Full of virtual events, activities for all ages, and invigorating conversations, AHM 2021 brings our community together to learn, engage, and act on how we can work to make Silicon Valley a more affordable place to live for all of our residents.

Did you miss out on an Affordable Housing Month 2021 event?

Never fear! Going virtual has allowed us to record many of our events and partner events for you to view at your convenience. Check out some of these great events below:

Week 1

5/4/2021: Affordable Housing Happy Hour (Hosted by Housing Action Coalition, SV@Home, Greenbelt Alliance and the United Democratic Club)

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to build affordable housing in the Bay Area, why there isn’t more of it, and what needs to happen to increase the availability of affordable homes, this event is for you! Join us in conversation with our excellent panelists.

5/5/2021: City of Milpitas Community Advisory Commission: Affordable Housing & Building Safety Month (Hosted by City of Milpitas)

Presentation by city staff about Affordable Housing & Building Safety Month begins at 9:30 of the video. Topics covered include home safety tips, affordable housing programs and initiatives, and code enforcement.

5/6/2021: Black Homeownership and the Racial Housing Divide (Hosted by TechEquity)

Homeownership is considered the epitome of the American Dream and is also a key factor in building generational wealth. However, this dream is largely inaccessible to Black Americans; our long-standing history of systematic racism, redlining, segregation, and exclusionary housing policies have stood in the way of Black homeownership for decades. Check out this conversation about the history of the racial housing divide, how it impacts the broader wealth gap, and what policy solutions we can advance to create pathways for Black homeownership.

5/6/2021: Virtual Grand Opening of LifeMoves Mountain View – A Project Homekey Interim Housing Community (Hosted by LifeMoves and City of Mountain View)

Joanne Price, V.P. of Real Estate and Operations at LifeMoves, leads a tour of the new 100-unit LifeMoves Mountain View interim housing community.

5/7/2021: The Future of Housing in Silicon Valley: Opportunity for Economic Recovery (Hosted by SV@Home)

What do the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic mean for affordable housing and the economy in the Bay Area? Our panel will look at the state of the housing market, what employers are thinking and how that may impact our housing needs, how we can shape our recovery to create more affordable housing and to protect families from displacement, and how we build more equitable housing policies that provide opportunities to lower income families and communities of color.

Week 2

5/10/2021: Interim Housing — Is It a Game Changer for Housing the Homeless?(Hosted by City of San Jose Housing Department)

The City of San José is a national leader and innovator in interim housing, and currently operates five interim housing sites. This approach to housing offers compelling benefits vis-à-vis more traditional approaches to addressing homelessness. However, there are significant tradeoffs. Join us for a fascinating discussion about the role of interim housing in combating homelessness, and hear experts share what they have learned since San José opened its first interim housing site 16 months ago. 

5/12/2021: Silicon Valley is Home: For Whom? (Hosted by the African American Community Service Agency)

Watch this event discussing housing equity issues impacting the Black and brown community from a birds-eye view. Addressing homelessness demographics, homelessness prevention, and opportunities to civically engage in county initiatives to make Silicon Valley Home, for all.

5/12/2021: Climate Change and Housing: Re-Thinking Land Use for Our Planet’s Future (Hosted by Palo Alto Forward and 350 SV Palo Alto Team)

Palo Alto and other bay area suburbs have led the nation in environmental policies to reduce Green House Gas emissions and protect our open spaces. But climate change is happening faster than we predicted and every jurisdiction must determine how to address this crisis. Our greenest neighborhoods are also our most dense. How can we re-think the way we design neighborhoods to promote more energy efficient, sustainable cities with robust parks and open spaces?

5/13/2021: A Conversation with Richard Rothstein, Author of “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America” (Hosted by SV@Home and the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County)

Moderated by Carlos Rosario, President, Santa Clara County Black Lawyers Association. “The Color of Law” demonstrates that residential segregation was created by racially explicit and unconstitutional government policy in the mid-twentieth century that openly subsidized whites-only suburbanization. Racial segregation characterizes every metropolitan area in the U.S. and bears responsibility for our most serious social and economic problems. Only after learning the history of this policy can we be prepared to undertake the national conversation necessary to remedy our unconstitutional racial landscape. Learn more about Rothstein, his research, and his writing here.

5/13/2021: What’s So Scary About Apartments? A Community Conversation (Hosted by Wellesley Housing)

While other cities like Berkeley are addressing the racist history and negative effects of R1 single family zoning, Palo Alto is doubling down on its own. In response to a recent missing middle housing proposal, instead of giving feedback on the project, the Palo Alto City Council reversed their policy that would have allowed for this project to move forward. Watch renowned economist Steve Levy, representatives from the Wellesley project and others to discuss the need for this type of housing, the implications of not building it, and where we go from here.

5/14/2021: Careers in Affordable Housing Fireside Chat with Jacky Morales-Ferrand, Director of the City of San Jose’s Housing Department (Hosted by CoHo and SV@Home)

Ever wonder what a career path in affordable housing would look like? Want to pursue a career in public service? Join the Coalition of Housers Careers in Affordable Housing Fireside Chat! This series will feature conversations and Q&A with leaders across the South Bay affordable housing industry. Our guest for Affordable Housing Month 2021 is Jacky Morales-Ferrand, Director of the City of San Jose’s Housing Department.

5/14/2021: The Future of Housing in Silicon Valley: The Cost of Housing (Hosted by SV@Home and Sponsored by Bank of America)

Employers say the cost of housing is driving business away, and housing costs in the South Bay are among the highest in the nation. The cost of building new market-rate and affordable housing in the South Bay remains one of the largest obstacles to meeting our regional housing needs. With the economy in a state of flux due to COVID-19, more than ever we need creative solutions to cut costs and speed up development to bring prices down and create more affordable housing opportunities. Listen in on an expert discussion about the latest in cutting edge innovations and regulatory reforms that can make the biggest impact in the post-COVID housing world.

5/14/2021: Intro to TechEquity: How to Help Address the Bay’s Affordability Crisis (Hosted by TechEquity Collaborative)

An introduction to TechEquity: what our mission is, how we work, and what you can do to help address the Bay’s affordability crisis. We gave a 101 on how we got into the affordability crisis we’re in and what’s happening in the housing + workforce worlds to combat it. For those that are new to TechEquity, this is a great primer to help you get plugged in over your lunch break.

Week 3

5/17/2021: San Jose Housing Site Explorer (Hosted by City of San José Office of Economic Development)

The City of San José has launched the San José Housing Site Explorer, an interactive, web-based map and data site to help identify potential sites of new housing development. The application can be used to apply a wide variety of filters to search for properties in the City that meet specific criteria. Watch this brief demonstration of the San José Housing Site Explorer by City staff.

5/17/2021: Showcasing Noteworthy Affordable Housing Projects in Santa Clara County (Hosted by Catalyze SV)

In this showcase, developers present to community members up to 2 of their affordable housing projects built (or approved) in Santa Clara County. YOU will then get a chance to vote on each project based on up to 11 categories through Monday, May 24! The results will then be shared with participants & developers thereafter.

5/17/2021: Progress on the 2020 Community Plan to End Homelessness (Hosted by the Santa Clara County Office of Supportive Housing)

Brief presentation summarizing the progress to-date towards the goals of the 2020 Community Plan to End Homelessness. Topics we will discuss include how to expand and enhance permanent housing programs, temporary and interim housing, outreach and other crisis response programs, and homelessness prevention.

5/19/2021: Safe Parking: Best Practices for Stabilizing Home (Hosted by Palo Alto Forward)

The number of vehicle dwellers is spiking across the bay area. Join us to learn how Safe Parking programs help provide relief and stability for these community members, best practices from Santa Barbara’s well-established program – and what we can do together to create permanent, affordable housing options for everyone.

5/19/2021: The House Sharing Program: Success During the Pandemic (Hosted by Catholic Charities)

Join Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Susan Ellenberg as she joins the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County House Sharing team on her experience with house sharing this past year. Through this webinar, learn how house sharing can help alleviate the rental housing shortage and create new sources of income, specifically during this pandemic. The Catholic Charities House Sharing Program team will share information on the program and the adjustments they have made to best serve our community during this past year and moving forward.

5/19/2021: Talk by Professor Willow Lung-Aman, author of “Trespassers? Asian Americans and the Battle for Suburbia” (Hosted by Livable Sunnyvale)

The book, Trespasser? takes an intimate look at the everyday life and politics inside Silicon Valley against a backdrop of dramatic demographic shifts.  It follows one community over several decades as it transforms from a sleepy rural town to a global gateway and one of the nation’s largest Asian American-majority cities, highlighting the passionate efforts of Asian Americans to make Silicon Valley their home by investing in local schools, neighborhoods, and shopping centers.  With vivid storytelling, Trespassers? demonstrates that suburbia is an increasingly important place for immigrants and minorities to register their claims for equality and inclusion, while also raising questions about the rights of diverse populations to their own suburban American Dream.

5/21/2021: The Future of Housing in Silicon Valley: Innovative Government Action (Hosted by SV@Home)

With the new Biden Administration in Washington and a new legislature seated in Sacramento, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for innovative government action to support affordable housing development and protections for vulnerable communities in the South Bay. Join SV@Home for a discussion with the government experts and elected leaders who are taking on these and other important policy issues in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Washington!

Week 4

5/24/2021: Advancing the 3P’s through the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) (Nonprofit Housing Association)

The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) was created in 2019 by AB 1487 (Chiu) to provide the 9-county Bay Area with the robust regional housing infrastructure and capacity needed to advance the “3 P’s” of production, protection, and preservation. This webinar explores the Authority’s current status, the proposed pilot programs, how we scale, and where we’re headed in the Authority’s ability to support local housing strategies while lifting up the region to new funding opportunities.

5/24/2021: Overcoming a Troubled Past: A Look into a Fair Housing Future (Hosted by the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors)

The Real Estate industry is undergoing a hard look into its troubled past and taking a fresh look into its future. As we move in a new and inclusive direction in Real Estate, equal opportunity homeownership is now possible for everyone. Join us for an intimate conversation with investigative reporter Bill Dedman as he outlines the shocking truth of discrimination in the Real Estate Industry. C.A.R. Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Farrah Wilder leads this insightful conversation and how we can and must do better as industry professionals.

5/24/2021: The Importance of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for Californians of All Ages (Hosted by AARP California & Casita Coalition)

Passcode: !xrRs6m2 Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) allow people to age in place by providing an array of options, such as an easy downsize to a separate home on a property, space for caregivers and family members to live, and much more. Join AARP California and the Casita Coalition as we discuss the importance of ADUs for Californian’s of all ages, showcase a video that highlights real older adults and their families and the benefits ADUs have brought them, and share available resources.

5/24/2021: Opportunity Housing Explained (Hosted by San Jose Spotlight)

Join San José Spotlight, in partnership with Silicon Valley At Home, in celebration of Affordable Housing Month for a forum on Opportunity Housing. Hear from our expert panel to learn more about its potential impact on housing in San Jose.

5/25/2021: Affordably Housing California’s Missing Middle (Hosted by Catalyst Housing Group)

Since collaborating on the 2019 formation of the California Community Housing Agency (“CalCHA”), California’s first public agency focused exclusively on middle-income housing production, Catalyst and CalCHA have partnered to acquire ~2,800 market-rate rental communities that are now perpetually rent-restricted to essential, middle-income households. Join our panel of experts to discuss this innovative housing model, the experiences of our city partners, and the program’s impacts on the affordable housing industry at large.

5/25/2021: Advocating for Affordable Housing Through Your City’s Housing Element (Hosted by YIMBY Law)

All cities in California are updating their 8-year housing plans, giving advocates a rare opportunity to make meaningful change in our affordable housing landscape across the state. How can you best advocate for fair, affordable, and abundant housing in your region? What are the most effective methods for building political will and prevent cities from avoiding their responsibilities? This session will discuss the specific strategies and objectives of the Campaign, and examples of how our allies are fighting for fair housing element in front of the mic and behind the scenes.

5/25/2021: Rental Assistance Webinar (Hosted by City of Milpitas, Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, & Project Sentinel)

Topics covered include rental assistance programs, information for tenants and landlords, and legislative updates.

5/26/2021: Building Momentum: The Housing Action Coalition’s 15th Annual Spring Symposium 2021 (Hosted by The Housing Action Coalition)

With the theme of Building Momentum, this year’s Spring Symposium showcased the growing movement for more equitable, affordable, and inclusive housing across the Bay Area and beyond. From ending exclusionary zoning to legalizing more multi-family housing, we heard from the elected leaders and housing experts who are accelerating change.

5/27/2021: The Impact of COVID-19 on Affordable Housing: Oh What a Year! (Hosted by Housing Trust Silicon Valley)

COVID-19 has impacted affordable housing in the Bay area in many ways: both for existing operating affordable housing properties as well as new development activities.  Hear from some of the Bay area’s largest affordable housing developers and learn how they adjusted and the long-term impact on future development activities.

5/27/2021: California Housing Legislative Update (Hosted by SV@Home)

Join our panel of experts to get the latest on legislation that will impact affordable housing in California and the Bay Area. With Pedro Galvao, Policy Director, Nonprofit Housing Association, Northern California; Mark Stivers, Director of Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy, California Housing Partnership; and Graciela Castillo-Krings, Sacramento Advocates. Featuring an intro and Sacramento update from Senator Cortese and Assembly Member Kalra.

5/27/2021: Affordable Housing Month Talk on Opportunity Housing (Hosted by Greenbelt Alliance)

Join us for a conversation with guest speakers about how Opportunity Housing can be a part of the solution to the housing & climate crises. As part of the Affordable Housing Month celebrations, Greenbelt Alliance hosts an important conversation about the need to build multi-family homes as an important solution to the combined housing & climate crises in the Bay Area. Read more about Opportunity Housing here.

5/28/2021: A Model for Agricultural Workforce Housing in South County (Hosted by City of Morgan Hill)

South County farms and agriculture workers feed Santa Clara County and housing is a critical and a basic need; this population often gets overlooked and their contribution to our communities is essential! We want to continue to build affordable, permanent housing. Join this panel of stakeholders to discuss the importance of working towards meeting this need and a model for building agriculture workforce housing in South County.