SV@Home & Destination Home's Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors D4 forum & debate

SV@Home & Destination Home’s Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors D4 forum & debate

Candidates running to succeed Ken Yeager as Santa Clara County supervisor in District 4 will gather for a forum about the region’s homelessness and housing crises on May 16 at 6:30 PM at Hoover Middle School Theatre in San Jose as part of Affordable Housing Week 2018. The forum is co-sponsored by Silicon Valley at Home (SV@Home) and Destination: Home and will be moderated by SV@Home Executive Director Leslye Corsiglia and Destination: Home CEO Jennifer Loving

All seven candidates have agreed to attend: Mike Alvarado, Jason Baker, Dominic Caserta, Susan Ellenberg, Maria Hernandez, Pierluigi Oliverio, and Don Rocha.  

On any given day, more than 7,000 people find themselves without a home in the County, and oftentimes it is the most vulnerable among us that face the most significant housing challenges. The next D4 supervisor will face the challenge of responding to Santa Clara County’s housing and homelessness crises.  

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