September 1, 2022

Dive Deeper Into Affordable Housing Finan





SV@Home Goes In-Depth on Affordable Housing Finance  

What factors shape affordable housing finance and how do they impact what actually gets built? These are critical questions that we will explore in the second installment of SV@Home’s Deep Dive on Affordable Housing Series: Affordable Housing Finance. Join our team of experts as we analyze the differences and explore the implications of this intricate process so that you can be more effective in calling for improvements in housing advocacy.

Featured Speakers:

  • Regina Celestin Williams, Executive Director, SV@Home
  • Mathew Reed, Director of Policy, SV@Home
  • Alison Cingolani, Policy and Research Senior Associate, SV@Home

About This Event


Join us on September 27th to learn more about affordable housing so that you can understand the challenges and opportunities, and how to help push projects to completion. This new series of events is designed to empower advocates on how to engage and drive their needs.


The debut event aired during Affordable Housing Month 2022 and was entitled SV@Home Presents Deep Dive on Affordable Housing: A How-To Guide for Advocates. Click on this link to review slides and a recording of this session.


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