2330 Monroe is a mixed-income, mixed-ability housing development proposed by Freebird Development. It includes 65 affordable homes for people earning between 25% and 100% of the area median income. 25% of the homes will be designed for adults with developmental disabilities, providing an affordable way for an underserved segment of our population to live independently.

The final city council approval is currently scheduled for January 28th.  The meeting will be held at the City Council Chambers at 1500 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara.

We urge supporters of affordable housing and housing for people with disabilities to show up and express your support for 2330 Monroe!

The agenda for the meeting will be posted by the Friday before the meeting on the City of Santa Clara site.

January 28th - January 1st 1970
6:00PM - 12:00AM
Santa Clara City Hall
1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara CA, 95050