The ABAG Executive Board will be discussing the draft RHNA methodology. The Methodology Committee has spent the last ten months collaborating on a methodology to fairly allocate the region’s housing need in a way that meets legal requirements uphold equity, affirmatively further fair housing, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The draft methodology that emerged from this process has resulted in much higher allocations of lower income homes tentatively allocated to jurisdictions that are rich in high-wage jobs and good schools. As expected, the Housing Determination issued by the State’s HCD on June 9, 2020 was much higher than the last planning cycle. View the current draft 2023-2031 allocation, and learn more about RHNA Methodology.

Call in to tell ABAG to uphold the Housing Methodology Committee’s work prioritizing housing growth near jobs & in high opportunity areas.

Download the agenda here.

October 15th
6:00PM - 11:00PM
Online Meeting