This event is hosted by Coalition of Housers (CoHo) as part of Affordable Housing Month 2021. 

Ever wonder what a career path in affordable housing would look like? Want to pursue a career in public service?

Join the Coalition of Housers Careers in Affordable Housing Fireside Chat! This series will feature conversations and Q&A with leaders across the South Bay affordable housing industry.

Our guest for Affordable Housing Month 2021 is Jacky Morales-Ferrand. Jacky serves as the Director of the City of San Jose’s Housing Department. She has more than twenty-nine years of experience in affordable housing and community development, including program implementation and policy development in the public, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors. Jacky is responsible for overseeing the Housing Department which has helped to create over 19,100 new and newly-affordable apartments and homes, and has provided over 2,100 loans to teachers and first-time homebuyers since 1987. Jacky is currently leading several “Housing First” efforts to respond to homelessness in San José including growing the pipeline of permanently supportive housing, increasing coordination among stakeholders, and exploring new ways to deploy low cost interim housing.

Jacky is also on the Board of Destination: Home, a public/private partnership working to end homelessness in Santa Clara County, and on the Board of Directors for the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, the California Housing Consortium, and the California Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies. She was recently appointed by the Governor to serve on the No Place Like Home Advisory Committee. She is a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley. Jacky holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies and a master’s of Public Administration from the University of Colorado.

The Coalition of Housers, or CoHo, is a network of new and emerging leaders working in and advocating for affordable housing in the South Bay. As the need for affordable housing grows, so does the need for supporting the leadership and professional development of a diverse community of practitioners in the affordable housing industry and among industry partners. Join us!

May 14th
12:15PM - 1:00PM
Online Event