Ever wonder what a career path in affordable housing would look like? Want to pursue a social impact career in housing services?

Join the Coalition of Housers Careers in Affordable Housing Fireside Chat. This series will feature conversations and Q&A with leaders across the South Bay affordable housing industry.

This month’s guest is Dr. Jorge Wong. As the Director of Housing Services at The Health Trust in San Jose, CA, he works with a population of people experiencing chronic homelessness, comorbid mental illness, substance use disorders, HIV/AIDS, and those involved with the criminal justice system. He is an alum, trustee and adjunct faculty at Palo Alto University, serves in the Training Advisory Committee for the American Psychological Association (APA) Minority Fellowship Program for the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Fellowship, a Past President of the California Psychological Association, and recently received the APA Div. 31 2020 Award for Outstanding Psychologist in a State, Provincial or Territory Psychological Association.

The Coalition of Housers, or CoHo, is a network of new and emerging leaders working in and advocating for affordable housing in the South Bay. As the need for affordable housing grows, so does the need for supporting the leadership and professional development of a diverse community of practitioners in the affordable housing industry and among industry partners. Join us!

March 19th
12:15PM - 1:00PM
Online Event