Kids and grownups, skeptics and dreamers, join us in drawing-chalking-painting-sketching-knitting-singing a vision of what your community, the day-to-day life of people living on your block, your home, or your city will be like when we win affordable homes for all people living in the East Bay.

How to participate: Imagine – we’ve won affordable homes for all people in the East Bay. What does it look like? Does a home-full future have transit near your apartment? Does your neighbor that lives in an RV today wave to you from the window of a new building on a now-empty lot across the street? What does your 6 year old imagine their trip to school will look like when our neighborhoods are transformed by racial and economic justice wins necessary to achieve housing justice? Does your co-op steward fruit trees in the center of your land-trust? In this future, are wheelchair-accessible apartments the norm when you search for vacancies? What is an architectural sketch of an environmentally sound, culturally responsive building? Drawings, paintings, short videos, poems, chalk art – you create! Post it to the virtual art gallery by sharing your creation to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #AffordableHousingMonth and tag East Bay Housing Organizations @eastbayhousingorganizations. You can also send your creation to to be posted via EBHO’s social media. At the end of the month we’ll compile them all into a gallery on our website and social media.

May 31st
5:00PM - 9:00PM
Online Event