What Does it Take to Build Housing?

Session 1: Where does housing get built?

We know that housing is unaffordable, with a six-figure income required to afford an average rental apartment in Santa Clara County and a more than $250,000 per year income required to purchase a median-priced home. In 2018, our Lunchtime Forum series dove into the cost of building housing, including the component costs of market-rate and affordable development, the impact of various local government policies on housing prices, and creative solutions and policies. This year, we will take on another key component of the housing production process.

What determines where, when, and how housing actually gets built? Our 2019 Lunchtime Forum series will explore this question. The first session aims to uncover where housing gets built, an in-depth discussion of Housing Elements and General Plan process.

Confirmed Panelists:

Framer: Tom Brinkhuis – Housing Policy Development HCD

Speaker: Rosalynn Hughey – Department of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement, City of San Jose, Director

Speaker: Chappie Jones – City of San Jose, Vice Mayor and Cities Association of Santa Clara County RHNA Subregion Committee Chair

Lunch will be provided

August 16th
11:30AM - 1:00PM
Leninger Community Center: Okayama Room