San Jose’s plans for the Diridon area involve many more people living, working, shopping and enjoying local amenities. How will people get to work and other places without gridlocking the streets? How will people get to and from events and entertainment? How will the city meet targets for walking, bicycling, and travel by transit?  

On March 8, learn about the City of San Jose’s plans and policies in the works, about best practices from transit-light hubs in other communities, and opportunities for transit to move more people seamlessly and conveniently in the Diridon area and beyond. The webinar will also outline how community members and advocates can get engaged in the ongoing planning process.


Adina Levin, Friends of Caltrain

Lori Severino and Eric Eidlin, City of San Jose
Ian Griffiths, Seamless Bay Area
Terri O’Connor, CHS Consulting

March 8th
6:00PM - 7:00PM
Online Event