We are at a pivotal moment to tackle both the housing and climate crises together! Sunnyvale’s Moffett Park area presents the perfect opportunity to transform parking lots and office spaces into a rejuvenated, inclusive neighborhood. A place with homes people can afford. A place that leverages the area’s unappreciated baylands and marshes to create resilience to sea level rise and flooding.

This outing starts at Sunnyvale’s VTA Light Rail Crossman Station. We’ll then walk across the expansive office park to the East Channel. Along the way, we’ll check out renderings and posters that showcase Moffett Park’s full potential if designed to incorporate climate SMART—Sustainable, Mixed, Affordable, Resilient, Transit-Oriented—homes.

This is the second outing of our Moffett Park series where we’re sharing our vision with you of a place that can offer solutions to the affordable housing crisis while fostering a climate-resilient future!

Round Trip Distance (approximate elevation gain)

This is an easy 1.4-mile walk on mostly level terrain.

Weather Policy

Rain postpones


The outing is free.

Getting There

Address: Crossman Station, Sunnyvale, CA 94089


Bring your own water and a light lunch or snack. Dress in layers and wear good walking shoes. A follow-up email will be shared with folks ahead of the event with more details about where to meet, mobility assistance, etc. If you have questions feel free to email Ken at

About the Outing Leaders


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Jeff Hosea has spent 10 years total as Lead Urban Planner for Google working to transform single-use office parks into vibrant, integrated and livable spaces within Mountain View and Sunnyvale. In this role, he works to ensure the balance of development with world-class sustainability, social and equity goals as well as ecological regeneration and habitat enhancements. He also embraces thinking at the larger scale of regional issues and longer timeframes, such as 10x concepts, housing needs, climate change and bay area transit and transportation issues.

Within the development team for Google’s Real Estate and Workplace, he is a key advisor andleader of urban design, human experience and placemaking, helping to set vision andaspirational goals. He understands Google’s local real estate history and intentions andbalances that with practical realities and “the art of the actually achievable” project. Jeff alsoplays a key role in the tradeoffs and optimizing for the plan, while being a powerful voice for ourlong term goals. Just in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, we are master planning 3 separatedistricts with a total of about 10 million square feet of office (some new and some rebuilt),20,000 residential units in 6 distinct neighborhoods.

Ken Lavin has introduced countless children and adults to the delights of nature and the greenbelt as an outdoor education teacher, park ranger, hike leader, and Outings Coordinator at Greenbelt Alliance.

Zoe Siegel is the Senior Director of Climate Resilience at Greenbelt Alliance. Zoe brings adaptation and climate resilience to the forefront of the programmatic work for the organization. Bay Area native and current Oakland resident, Zoe is passionate about making sure our local communities are able to respond, adapt and thrive in light of current climate threats. She brings experience as a Program Manager for Resilient by Design where she helped lead the year-long effort to come up with innovative strategies for resilience around the region.

Justin Wang is the Vice-Chair of Livable Sunnyvale’s Board of Directors. He uses his leadership experience and strong interpersonal skills to work towards a Bay Area that is livable for all residents. To achieve this, he works at the grassroots to drive more dialogue and unity among advocates and residents; a collaboration that promotes individual and collective action which supports equitable and sustainable growth.

Exploring Moffett Park Outing Series: Envisioning a Climate -smart, Inclusive Community for All

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to host a series of three outings in Sunnyvale’s Moffett Park area to explore the climate-smart benefits this currently underutilized part of the city has to offer! On these outings, we’ll take in spectacular views of the Bay and its inhabitants. As we admire the natural beauty of spring wildflowers and birdsong, we’ll also share a vision with you of how Moffett Park’s current parking lots and office spaces could be reimagined as a rejuvenated neighborhood where natural solutions are leveraged to build climate resilience while also providing homes for people from all walks of life. Each outing will cover a special element of this vision so stay tuned to learn more about the other outings in this three-part series!

April 24th
10:00AM - 1:00PM
Crossman Station, Sunnyvale, CA 94089