The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is pleased to announce new features in the housing element Annual Progress Report (APR) Dashboard.


What does the APR Dashboard show?

On April 1 of each year, cities and counties must submit an annual progress report (APR) with detailed information about the prior year’s housing production and pipeline, as well as updates on their housing element program commitments to encourage housing production at all income levels. HCD’s APR Dashboard 2.0 visualizes and presents this data to make it easily accessible to all stakeholders.


New features of APR Dashboard 2.0 include:

  • Daily refresh with data as it is submitted by local governments on their APRs to ensure viewers can access the most up-to-date stats
  • Timeline Page: Track how many days it takes housing developments to move from the initial application through completed construction
  • Key Figures: Visualizes the pipeline of housing units submitted, entitled, permitted, and completed by geography and income level – among other filters  
  • New look and feel makes navigation to different topics and subtopics, such as structure type and tenure, easy

Please note, HCD is still receiving 2021 APRs from local jurisdictions, so check back daily for updated information.


With the dashboard, you can also:

  • Track progress toward the Regional Housing Deed Allocation and housing element program status and implementation
  • View housing development activity mapped to the reported address
  • Determine which cities and counties have HCD-certified housing plans (“housing elements”) and if they have submitted their annual progress reports
  • Download source data to conduct your own analysis on the state’s housing progress!


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Join HCD staff who will provide a walkthrough on how to use the APR Dashboard and access source data.

View the Annual Progress Report Dashboard


For more information about housing element annual progress reports, please visit our Annual Progress Reports webpage.

Data Caveat: All data in the dashboard is self-reported by local governments and is not independently verified by HCD. HCD provides technical assistance regarding the APR form and requirements but does not clean the data prior to displaying it in this dashboard. In addition, when accepting APRs HCD has built in safeguards that ensure all required data fields in the APR form are completed and will continue to explore ways to increase reporting accuracy.


Do you have questions or technical assistance needs related to correcting or submitting an APR? General questions about using the APR 2.0 Dashboard? Email us at

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