The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is pleased to announce an updated SB 35 Determination displaying the California cities and counties that are subject to streamlined housing approvals for specific housing projects under Senate Bill 35 (SB 35).


2022 SB 35 Determination

  • Exempt Jurisdictions: 38 
  • Jurisdictions with SB 35 Streamlining with at least 50% affordability: 238 (developments with at least 50% affordability would also be able to access SB 35 streamlining in the 263 jurisdictions noted below, for a total of 501 jurisdictions)
  • Jurisdictions with Streamlining with at least 10% affordability: 263


For most of the state (501 jurisdictions out of 539 jurisdictions) SB 35 Streamlining is available to developments with at least 50% affordability. 


Updated SB 35 Determination

The updated SB 35 Determination reflects the latest data submitted to HCD by jurisdictions in their “housing element Annual Progress Reports,” (APRs) which includes the number of housing permits issued relative to each jurisdiction’s housing need. Each April, all 539 jurisdictions in California are required to submit their APRs, covering the prior calendar year’s activities. These APRs are used to develop the SB 35 Determination, as well as provide invaluable data on the housing landscape in California.

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