Equitable development, a relatively new concept in planning and community development, aims to help low-income neighborhoods and communities of color become places that provide economic opportunities, affordable living, and cultural expression for all residents. It is built on the principle that current residents will play a central role in shaping the projects, programs, and policies that affect them and their community.

However lofty its goals, achieving equitable development is complicated and challenging, particularly in this time of social and economic turmoil. In this half-day virtual symposium, leading practitioners and scholars from three cities, Washington, DC, Detroit, and Boston, will explore efforts to bring equitable development to their communities and outline how they are responding to current challenges. The presentations and discussions will help students, scholars, community leaders, public officials, and others identify innovative strategies and successful approaches to advancing social justice in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

While the symposium will largely take place in Zoom, we will also be using Remo, a separate online platform where attendees can have informal, virtual conversations. During the breaks and after the symposium, please join us in Remo for a Virtual Poster Session with students (additional information below). The Remo link will be shared with registered attendees a few days before the event.


You will need Zoom to attend this event. 

Symposium Agenda (pdf)

Virtual Poster Session

Students who have done recent work on affordable housing, community development, or other topics related to equitable development in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color are invited to share their work in two virtual poster sessions that will occur during the symposium.

Each student presenter will be assigned a table in Remo, an online platform (separate from Zoom) that makes it easy for people to have informal, virtual conversations. (We will provide guidance for those unfamiliar with Remo.)

Download application information. 

Applications are due by September 15, 2020.

September 25th
9:30AM - 1:30PM
Online Event