As Santa Clara County sets out to “Reimagine Home” during Affordable Housing Month 2022, we have an important opportunity to reflect on how we can make our vision of an affordable, inclusive Silicon Valley a reality. New development so often signifies change, and for many people it has meant displacement, exclusion, and even fear of losing one’s community. But what if “development” really meant an opportunity to invest in our underserved communities, lifting them up rather than pushing them out? What if it was truly inclusive, centering lived experiences and marginalized groups in designing and developing the communities meant to serve them?

SV@Home’s Signature Event for Affordable Housing Month 2022 features an exciting panel discussion on how affordable housing development can invest in and transform communities, advancing a genuinely inclusive approach to strengthening underserved communities. We will also explore how Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and place or community-based development can help achieve these goals.

We are also thrilled to be presenting SV@Home’s annual Santa Clara County Housing Champion award to Jan Stokley, Executive Director of Housing Choices. Jan is a steadfast advocate who has worked tirelessly to advance affordable housing opportunities for people of all abilities. We want to recognize her ten years at the helm of Housing Choices, where she helped change the regional conversation around inclusivity and equity in access to affordable housing.

Our panel discussion features representatives from Morena Strategies, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, Unity Council, and The Kelsey who will be sharing their experiences, best practices, and challenges in achieving genuinely inclusive development.

This event is co-hosted by the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits


12:30PM – Event Begins and Welcoming Remarks

12:45PM – Presentation of Santa Clara County Housing Champion Award to Jan Stokley

01:00PM – Panel Discussion on Innovative Approaches to Truly Inclusive Development

02:00PM – Event Concludes

May 12th
12:30PM - 2:00PM