California has a commitment to fair and equal housing. That commitment was reinforced by the passage of AB 686 requiring public agencies to administer housing and community development programs in a way that furthers fair housing. This webinar will provide an overview of the fair housing laws, strategies to implement/address these requirements and the interconnection between fair housing and larger socio-economic, equity and environmental justice issues.

Registration is free.


  • Tyrone Buckley, Assistant Deputy Director of Fair Housing, Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Muhammad Alameldin, Economic Equity Fellow, The Greenlining Institute
  • Lori Droste, Councilmember, City of Berkeley
  • Isaac Rosen, Associate, Best Best & Kreiger

Moderated by Melissa Kuehne, Senior Program Manager, Institute for Local Government[spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]

About the Tackling California’s Housing Crisis Series

California’s housing crisis is growing. To help city and county leaders better navigate complex housing issues in their communities, ILG is hosting a webinar series featuring subject matter experts on land use and housing, legal regulations and parameters and community engagement. This series will provide information and best practices, facilitate discussion and answer questions to help local governments better address housing issues in our communities.

Sessions take place the first Thursday of every month at 2:00 pm, April through October 2021.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Strategies to Engage Your Community on Housing Issues: August 5
  • Climate-Resilient Land Use & Housing Policies: September 2
  • Housing Strategies to Tackle Homelessness: October 7

The Tackling California’s Housing Crisis Webinar Series is hosted in partnership with Placeworks and the Office of Planning and Research with funding from the California Department of Housing & Community Development.

July 1st
2:00PM - 3:30PM
Online Event