Joint Venture Silicon Valley has teamed up with Seamless Bay Area to bring an exciting vision of public transit to fruition. I’m writing to invite you to zoom with us on April 13 (9:00 AM) so we can share our excitement and tell you about the next steps.

What is that vision? That the Bay Area’s 27 disparate transit providers can operate as a unified system, with an integrated fare structure, easy (and no-cost) transfers, a common system of signage and wayfinding, a unified transit map and more.

As a crucial first step, our organizations are co-sponsoring Senate Bill 917 (Becker), which will create the necessary mechanisms for coordination, integration, and maintaining standards for real-time transit data.

On the April 13 zoom I’ll be joined by Ian Griffiths, Policy Director for Seamless Bay Area, and we’ll start at the very beginning: why we’re doing this, what it will mean for our region (and for the planet), and why it’s high time the Bay Area caught up with its peers. You’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions, and when we’re done you’ll be equipped with a toolkit of ways you can help.

Registration is easy (and free). Please secure yours right away and share with friends so they can register.

April 13th
9:00AM - 10:00AM
Online Event