Initiatives to support developers of color have taken root across the country as a strategy to overcome longstanding inequities in real estate and capital access, support small businesses, and build community wealth. This webinar will share lessons from three multi-pronged LISC programs that partner with developers of color in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City. While distinct in their emphases and strategies, the programs, all supported by Capital One, were designed to address these inequities by providing training, mentorship, and access to low-cost, flexible capital. 


  • Alexandra Dawson, Director of Lending + Investments, LISC Los Angeles 
  • Monica Dean, Housing Director, LISC New York 
  • Tia Hicks, Program Officer, LISC Bay Area 
  • Connie Max, Executive Vice President for Lending, LISC
  • LaKia Williams, Director and Northeast Market Lead, Community Impact & Investment, Capital One 


  • David M. Greenberg, Vice President, Community Research and Impact  
March 2nd
2:30PM - 3:45PM
Online Event