In the wake of the pandemic and the ongoing struggle for racial justice, community ownership of land, housing, commercial space, and other critical resources has drawn increased attention as a strategy to build community power and repair ongoing harms caused by centuries of racism and extractive development. Throughout the country, communities are working to channel the momentum of a national conversation about racial justice into the development of community ownership initiatives and the ecosystems crucial to their success.

Tied to two new LISC reports— Community Ownership Through Real Estate from LISC Twin Cities, and Commercial Community Ownership as a Strategy for Just Development from LISC Community Research & Impact—this webinar will share lessons from community-owned real estate initiatives in the Twin Cities working to preserve community-serving businesses, build community wealth, and promote community-led economic development with and for BIPOC and immigrant communities. Panelists will reflect on the spectrum of goals and models for community ownership of real estate, with a focus on commercial space; how to determine which path makes sense for your community; and the organizing, policy, financing, and other support needed for long-term stewardship.


  • Gretchen Nicholls, LISC Twin Cities
  • Domonique Jones, Partnership in Property Commercial Land Trust
  • Eduardo Barrera, Neighborhood Development Center
  • Mark Fick, Shared Capital Cooperative


  • Julia Duranti-Martínez, LISC Community Research & Impact
March 9th - March 23rd 2023
12:00PM - 1:30PM
Online Event