Please join us for Livable Sunnyvale’s August General Meeting!

1. Announcements
2. Josh Becker (candidate to represent 12th State Senate District) will speak about his legislative priorities and take some questions.
3. Turnout4Transit, VTA update – Monica Mallon – VTA’s funding situation is quite dire, and there’s a risk the entire agency could shut down, or that the board might make decisions–like selling land–that could jeopardize long term sustainability. Come find out more and see what we should do.
4. Peninsula for Everyone to become our Coalition Partnership — questions for Kelsey, then Vote
5. Active Transportation Plan summary, then Vote on signing support letter
6. Google Groups update

Best healthy regards,
Richard Mehlinger, Chair
Tara Martin-Milius , Vice-Chair
Justin Wang, Vice Chair
Galen Davis, Tech Director
Julia Liu Treasurer, Membership
Gail Rubino, Secretary
Mike Serrone, Communications Director
Sue Serrone, Chair Emerita

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Livable Sunnyvale members please “Sign-in”: If your Zoom username is not the same as your First name/Last name, or there are more than 1 member sharing the same device, please send your name(s) via Chat to Julia Liu (membership) so your attendance can be logged (to satisfy future voting eligibility).

August 5th
6:30PM - 8:30PM
Online Event