Cupertino is a city uniquely affected by the housing crisis. Given its composition of mostly homeowners, upper-middle class, and wealthier families, a limited number of individuals experience the most obvious impacts of our housing crisis. Daytime residents and renters often lower-income,  Latinx, or tech workers—are noticeably kept out of the city by a figurative ‘wall’ due to housing costs.

But the real elephant in the room when it comes to Cupertino is the slow and currently inevitable decay of its schools—in large part due to the housing crisis. Artificial scarcity has rendered most city housing entirely inaccessible for new, often younger families, leading to the continuous decline of school enrollment. CUSD is one of the few revenue limit districts in the area, meaning that its enrollment dictates its state funding. As a result, at least 3 schools are in danger of closing in the district. Building more housing, with an emphasis on diversity of stock and affordability, is essential to saving our schools.

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May 28th
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