Join SV@Home for a conversation about how the state will enforce housing element law, and what local advocates can do to help.

Key points and time stamps:

  • How HCD is engaged in the whole Housing Element cycle: 21:29
  • Most common issues and key areas of non-compliance in Housing Elements already submitted: 26:21
  • Consequences for cities of non-compliance: 34:45
  • How can advocates elevate concerns and potential violations to HCD? 43:29
  • How can cities commit to programs and policies that require a political process staff doesn’t control? 51:09
  • If cities don’t have money to build housing, what can they do to make sure housing gets built? 59:06
  • What do cities that are high in resources need to do to affirmatively further fair housing? 1:02:28
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The Housing Element process is complex, and a critical investment of time and resources for addressing the housing crisis. The well-being of our Bay Area residents and the prosperity of our cities and communities depend on its success. We’ve seen over the course of the pandemic and even before that, that families are being displaced for lack of affordable housing, businesses are leaving, and people are being forced into homelessness. The Housing Element is an investment in protecting our communities’ future by planning for the needs of a diverse population and economy.

Now California has decided that this and other housing laws are too important not to get right, beefing up the enforcement division at the California Department of Housing and Community Development and adding a Housing Strike force in the Attorney General’s office. During this HAC, we will discuss the State’s strategies for making housing elements work through enforcement, and help you be fully equipped to make sure the Housing Element process in your city meets the standards it’s required to in as many ways as possible. Ensuring cities follow the law will result in a housing element that is more likely to achieve success in addressing the need for housing in your community!

Featured Speakers:

  • David Zisser, Assistant Deputy Director of Local Government Relations and Accountability, California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)
  • Melinda Coy, Senior Housing Accountability Manager, HCD

Moderated by Mathew Reed, Director of Policy, SV@Home

The HAC is a monthly, informal brownbag discussion convening Housers to engage on hot housing topics. Every month, we select a topic or current event, bring in an expert to give a brief presentation, and then open up the discussion to ask questions, float new ideas, and identify potential areas for shared action.

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March 25th
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Online Event