On April 29th, the Mountain View Environmental Planning Commission is set to review the 777 W. Middlefield development proposed by Fortbay. 777 W Middlefield is a redevelopment of an existing 208-unit apartment complex into a 716-unit apartment complex, including 5% low income units and 15% moderate income aimed at teachers.

Unlike recent redevelopments of apartments in Mountain View into low-density condominiums (see 2005 Rock St, 1950 Montecito, and 2310 Rock Street), this redevelopment is adding a significant degree of density and affordability, as well as going above and beyond the city’s tenant relocation benefits and providing tenants significant notice. For these reasons, SV@Home has endorsed the 777 W. Middlefield development. This is a model for how development should happen – in a way that increases density, is sensitive to the needs of current tenants, and creates opportunities for affordable and missing middle housing. We encourage you to come out and support the 777 W Middlefield alongside us!

April 29th - January 1st 1970
7:00PM - 12:00AM
Mountain View City Hall