Join SV@Home and a coalition of housers in telling the Mountain View City Council that we want to see the North Bayshore Precise Plan actually built, which means:

  • The importance of implementing the Plan’s housing goals (9,850 new homes, of which 20% must be affordable) both to tackle our shared affordable housing crisis and to create the complete, mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods envisioned in the Precise Plan.
  • That decisions on the allocation of existing office development rights should be based on whether they will lead to achieving these housing goals.

This is not about choosing one developer or landowner over another but about whether Mountain View will take advantage of this opportunity to create a housing-rich North Bayshore, built on complete neighborhoods and with housing options for people of all incomes and abilities.

We’re calling on the City Council to uphold the award-winning North Bayshore Precise Plan and not delay in approving the development plan or plans that will achieve its housing goals. We believe it is the City’s responsibility to make its decisions on office allocation and whether to approve specific development plans based on whether they will deliver the housing and complete neighborhoods that so many people worked so hard to make possible.

Visit SV@Home’s Advocacy Page for more information and background.

February 26th - January 1st 1970
6:30PM - 12:00AM
Mountain View City Council Chamber