Following the approval of Measure C by Mountain View voters, the Mountain View City Council will be adopting a resolution applying the restrictions on the parking of large vehicles on narrow streets. The measure is widely seen as an attempt to lessen the numbers people living in RVs on the streets of Mountain View. The council meeting is expected to clarify which streets or parts of streets are 40 feet wide or less, and therefore covered by the ordinance.

SV@Home’s position on the issue has been consistent: the parking restrictions are not a long term solution, and will use city resources to move RV residents around the city and the region, as opposed to providing stable housing solutions. The city’s safe parking program shows promise as an alternative to RVs parking on the streets, but despite the best efforts of the operators, will need many more spots in order to accommodate the needs of the 200+ people living in RVs in Mountain View.


Final election results will be certified the same day.

December 8th - January 1st 1970
6:00PM - 12:00AM