To make the Bay Area a place where all families and individuals can thrive, we must ensure that everyone has a safe, stable, and affordable place to call home. The good news is that we have proven approaches for how to solve homelessness and housing insecurity; yet a persistent roadblock to achieving progress are common narratives that embrace a scarcity mindset versus a wider view of prosperity and abundance for all. These disruptive narratives often pit cities against counties, renters against homeowners, and high-income residents against low-income residents. How can we shift the narrative of scarcity to one of abundance and prosperity for all? How can we work together as the Bay Area region to advance housing justice for all its residents?

Moderated by Los Angeles Times reporter Liam Dillon, a panel of Bay Area racial, social and housing justice advocates will discuss opportunities to work together across county lines to end homelessness and housing insecurity, and the power of storytelling to inspire our community to dream of a Bay Area where every person has a place to call home. The discussion will be followed by opportunities for the audience to engage with the panelists and each other, as we come together to be creative and dream together of an abundant future for all.

May 2nd
4:00PM - 5:30PM
CZI Community Space (Main Event Room)
801 Jefferson Avenue
Redwood City CA, 94063