Are you ready to learn how to persuade decision-makers to implement the Housing Elements plan our communities deserve?

We have our facts, we have our messaging, we have our community with us — now we need to persuade decision-makers to implement the Housing Element plan we deserve.

In partnership with Shift the Bay and M+R, this workshop will leverage our existing Housing Elements research, messages, and materials to review best practices to engage decision-makers in meaningful, persuasive, and impactful pro-housing justice conversations. We’ll hear from advocates who have successfully advanced housing policy and discuss strategies to address the specific challenges facing different communities.


This session is designed as an interactive workshop, so seats are limited. Please join the waitlist if registration is full and you’d like to be notified of openings or additional workshops.[spacer height=”20px”]

Housing Elements Organizing Materials!

Is your organization engaging in advocacy around Housing Elements? If so, we got you covered: Our Housing Elements community organizing resources are now available! These tools are designed to help boost your organization’s capacity to advocate (whether digitally or in-person!) for housing justice through the Housing Elements process.

Download Organizing Materials

July 13th
11:00AM - 12:30PM
Online Event