We’re excited to announce our first lineup of speakers and performers for our 2021 Othering & Belonging conference!

Our biennial O&B conferences are dynamic and uniquely-curated gatherings that advance cutting-edge scholarship, narratives, movements, systems, and policies that support a fully inclusive “we.” This year’s conference will take place October 18-19 and be virtually accessible, and for the first time will include live-Spanish translation.

The theme this year is focused on the notion of risk. What would you be willing to risk to bridge across the deep rifts that characterize our world in order to join forces for good? Would you risk an uncomfortable conversation, pushback from your own “side,” or the possibility of having to share limited resources? More importantly, what could you gain by moving from a politics of isolation to one of belonging? What could we all gain if we had the courage to bridge? And what could we lose if we don’t?

Join us as our speakers answer these and other questions at O&B 2021.

October 18th - October 19th 2021
2:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event