Join Palo Alto Forward board member, Robert Chun for a monthly speaker series to learn about what the Housing Element is, why it matters regionally, what makes Palo Alto so hard to build affordable housing in, and what’s happening across the state.

August 17th at 6pm: What is the Housing Element? with Jon Wizard, City of Seaside City Council Member and Policy Director at YIMBY Law

September 17th at 6pm: What about the lawsuits across the state? with Chris Elmendorf, UC Davis Law Professor

October 17th at 6pm: Why does it matter regionally? with Antonio Lopez, City Council Member in the City of East Palo Alto

November 17th at 6pm: Why is Palo Alto so expensive to build affordable housing in? with Randy Tsuda, President and CEO of Alta Housing and former Community Development Dirctor in the City of Mountain View

September 17th
6:00PM - 7:00PM
Online Event