One critical solution to strengthen our communities and protect tenants from losing their homes is the Tenant or Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA/COPA), which is being proposed by cities and counties across California. We’re bringing together community organizers, policy makers, government officials and affordable housing experts who have been on the front lines of drafting and adopting TOPA/COPA. They’ll explore how they’ve combatted opposition and misinformation, how government and philanthropy can creatively support TOPA/COPA implementation, and how the lessons they’ve learned can assist other jurisdictions looking to adopt a similar act. 

*A recording will be available after the forum.

  • Maria Guerrero, SOMOS Mayfair 
  • Jessica Melendez, TRUST South LA (member of LA CLT Coalition)
  • Peter Ortiz, San Jose Councilmember
  • Moderator: Sarah Scruggs, Northern California Land Trust
May 18th
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event