As April rents come due, the Santa Clara County eviction freeze provides relief for renters during the COVID-19
emergency – but these new protections are not well understood.

Join us for a press conference on Thursday, 4/2/2020 at 11:30 am with Supervisor Dave Cortese, Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco, and the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley to inform tenants and landlords about the newly passed Santa Clara County eviction moratorium and how it works to protect people from being evicted due to loss of income or emergency medical expenses related to COVID-19.

Speakers include:

  • A local tenant
  • Dave Cortese, Santa Clara Board of Supervisors
  • Magdalena Carrasco, San Jose City Council
  • Michael Trujillo, Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Join us on Zoom: or 408-638-0968, meeting ID 747 248 5416

With rents due April 1st, many tenants and landlords are feeling the full impact of
the COVID-19 crisis and the shelter-in-place order. Last Tuesday March 23rd, the County of
Santa Clara passed an eviction moratorium covering all tenants financially impacted by the
COVID-19 crisis. San Jose had earlier passed a similar ordinance.

These ordinances have the potential to relieve much of the fear and uncertainty caused by loss
of income, but to avoid confusion it is critical that both tenants and landlords understand that the
eviction moratorium is in place, and how it will work.

Tenants cannot be evicted if they are unable to pay rent because of lost income or medical
expenses due to COVID-19. To be protected from eviction, tenants must notify their landlord
that they will have trouble paying rent and provide some written proof, or documentation.
Tenants will be responsible for paying back rent and should continue to pay what rent they can.
The eviction moratorium is in effect through at least May 31st 2020, and applies to all 15 cities
and towns in Santa Clara County. After the eviction freeze ends, tenants will have 120 days to
pay any owed rent.

Speakers at the press conference will share information about how the eviction moratorium
works and what tenants need to know in order to benefit from the newly passed policy.

April 2nd
11:30AM - 12:30PM
Zoom Online Press Conference