Recovery Cafe’s  beloved breakfast goes virtual this year featuring Recovery Cafe Founder Killian Noe, Philanthropist Kathy Kwan and a member story:

There have been beautiful surprises that have come amidst all the challenges – and I have one for you.  It is a unique opportunity to meet the visionary person who inspired the original vision of Recovery Cafe.  Killian Noe was acknowledged by Melinda Gates as supporting her in the writing of her recent book. Yet Killian is more well-known for supporting Cafe members in telling their stories.  It’s all the same to her.

So many of you have stepped up to support Recovery Cafe San Jose in these challenging times and every day my heart has been filled with so many emotions as we receive gifts that keep coming in.

It appeared that hopes of the May 8 breakfast had died, but now that our gathering will be online, there are opportunities that we would not have had before.  We want to THANK YOU and celebrate this amazing community of members, volunteers and supporters!

Killian Noe

The original Seattle Founder of the Recovery Cafe model will be our guest speaker. Killian is a dynamic, gifted speaker.  Just last weekend she was featured in “Call to Unite” an online event with Oprah, Julia Roberts, Mandy Moore, Roshi Joan Halifax and many more.  Killian is an inspiring presence and has continued to encourage all of us in the growing Recovery Cafe Network.

Kathy Kwan

One of Silicon Valley’s most engaged philanthropists will be the recipient of this year’s Bridge Builder Award. Kathy has received many awards, but remains as hands-on and passionate about supporting non-profits as ever.  We have rarely met someone as connected to the work as she is.

Update on Members and Programs

We want to share how our members are doing and how we’re staying profoundly connected, so tune in for stories and updates.


May 8th
8:00AM - 9:00AM
Online Event