The Housing Methodology Committee (HMC) is a key part of ABAG’s approach to creating the RHNA allocation methodology.  Through the HMC, ABAG’s staff seek to facilitate dialogue and information-sharing in order to enable coordinated action to address the Bay Area’s housing challenges.

The role of the HMC to:

  • Advise ABAG staff on the RHNA allocation methodology for the RHNA cycle (2023-2031).
  • Ensure the methodology and resulting allocation meet statutory requirements.
  • Ensure the methodology and resulting allocation are consistent with the forecasted development pattern included in Plan Bay Area 2050.

ABAG staff will share information about the HMC’s deliberations and recommendations with the ABAG Regional Planning Committee. Serving as the primary committee for the working group to interact with, the Regional Planning Committee will then use the input from the HMC to make recommendations to the ABAG Executive Board, which has the authority to make final decisions.

Visualization Tool for Exploring RHNA Methodology Options and Allocation Outcomes

An Online Visualization Tool(link is external) was developed to support the Housing Methodology Committee (HMC) as they prioritize factors, consider weights for each factor and develop an initial recommendation for a Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) methodology. Users can explore sample methodologies by inserting a proxy for the Regional Housing Needs Determination (RHND) that ABAG will receive from HCD, selecting factors to include in the methodology, and applying a weight to each potential factor. The tool produces a map of the jurisdiction-specific output based on selected factors and weights assigned. Read additional information about the tool.

This public meeting will focus on refining the factors and weights that best complement a methodology using the 2050 Households (Blueprint) baseline allocation and the Bottom-Up income allocation approach.


September 4th
9:05AM - 12:00PM
Online Meeting