On Thursday, July 30, San Jose’s General Plan Task Force will meet via Zoom to discuss Opportunity Housing. San Jose is considering rezoning a considerable portion of the City from R1 to allow for up to fourplexes and possibly bungalow courts. As a reminder, currently 96% of San Jose is zoned exclusively for single-family homes (plus ADUs). YIMBY Action is working on a letter to the Task Force with recommendations for how we’d like to see the Opportunity Housing program develop, but we also need local YIMBYs to give public comment at the 7/30 meeting to reinforce what we write in our letter, as well as to encourage the Task Force and City Council to push Opportunity Housing forward.

There were a few questions at the YIMBY Action monthly meeting about whether or not folks outside of San Jose should give comment at this meeting. If you live in a neighboring town or city, we believe you should give public comment in support of the plan, particularly if you want your city to follow in San Jose’s footsteps. This is an excellent opportunity for San Jose to lead the Bay Area in rezoning for Opportunity Housing – where San Jose succeeds, other cities will hopefully follow.

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July 30th
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Online Event