On June 28th, join us for an in-depth training session to learn how to improve relationships, outcomes, and resident care across a property portfolio. 

Asset and property managers face no shortage of decisions to make when handling resident needs. But what if you could better understand the mentality of residents and have a clearer vision of their needs? The mindset of residents – particularly when shaped by generational poverty – requires empathy, understanding, and proactive relationship-building from staff of housing providers. During this training, you’ll get grounded in key definitions, learn about patterns in generational vs. situational poverty, how “hidden rules” can shape behavior, and ways to develop mentoring and bridging opportunities so that appropriate resources are cultivated for residents. This session’s learning objectives are to provide a new lens for housing provider staff to view and serve residents with concrete steps to improve relationships among staff and residents and what it means to have an active vs. passive role to support successful communities where all residents can thrive. Don’t miss this important training! 

Session Instructor:

  • Angel Rogers, Director of Learning & Development, National CORE

Presented in partnership with National CORE 

June 28th
10:00AM - 11:15AM
Online Event