Hosted by prefabADU, City of Morgan Hill and Housing Trust Silicon Valley

Did you know that prefab homes can also be used for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) such as bakcyard secondary units?

Prefab ADUs are built to the State of California Building Code and are legal anywhere in a residential zoning district where there is already a single family home. Built off-site, it makes this small unit that much more sustainable — its small size already makes ADUs greener requiring less materials and less consumption of utilities. Off-site manufacturing or production environment, means the materials are protected from the weather and manufacturing efficiencies results in less wasted material. There are several floor plan layouts and sizes of ADUs meant to accommodate needs and site constraints. The exterior of the units can also be finished to match any type of architecture design.

We invite you to learn more about prefab ADUs at our ADU Installation Event. Steve Vallejos, President and Property Developer of will install a prefab “micro-unit” (150 square foot) ADU.

May 4th
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Council Chamber Courtyard